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OIL MONEY  (noun)

/oil ˈmənē/   


1. money coming from people who own oil companies.  Typically money that is associated with people from the Middle Eastern and referring to their wealth.


A scent everyone will be asking you about. It has a deep welcoming aroma of Mediterranean Fig complimented by Prickly Pear which gives it its sweet alluring aroma.


Top notes: Fig, Floral Greenery and Citrus

Middle notes: Jasmine, Apricot and Floral

Base notes: Wood, Musk, Amber and Moss


1 oz and 4 oz Room & Linen Spray

Handcrafted and made in Los Angeles, CA. 

Oil Money Room Spray

  • Keep away from open flames and flammable objects.

    Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

    Do not drink or spray directly on skin. 

    Do NOT add water.

    Use only in well ventilated areas.

    KEEP OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT and store in cool place. 

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