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Our Gift Set comes with you choice of Candle, a wick trimmer & carry case and matches. 


Our candles have a burn time of 50+ hours and are made with coconut wax in eco-friendly jars that can be reused after you are done burning them. 


 JIDDO'S VILLA will transport you to childhood memories spent wandering through orchards and breezes filled with the most nostalgic scents. This candle has notes of Orange Blossom and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


OIL MONEY is the scent everyone will be asking you about. It has a deep welcoming scent of Mediterranean Fig complimented by Prickly Pear which gives it a sweet aluring aroma that fills any room.


NOMADIC ROSE is the perfect blend between feminine and masculine. With notes of Rose, Oud and Vetiver, this luxurious blend is the perfect scent for any home.


BARANDA GOALS will transport you to a balcony garden oasis. Sporting notes of Jasmine and Vetiver, this floral rich earthy blend will make people believe you aren't the plant killer we all know we are. 


THE SOUK is an aromatic experience of spices complimented with warm rich scents of sandalwood and tobacco. It is truly an homage to the Bazaars abroad in the Middle East.


BEDOUIN GARDEN is as sweet as it is alluring with notes of wild honey, fresh brewed tea and a array of desert florals finishing it off. Perfect for that unique je ne sais quoi quality and will definitely keep your guests "wandering".


LE BAHR is a scent that transports you to the sea with gentle earthy notes and wafts of delicate florals and greens. The perfect "escape" to the sea side.


TAXI RIDE will feel like you are being recklessly driven abroad by the friendliest taxi driver who wears a bit too much cologne to hide the fact he may or may not have just indulged in a casual cigarette at the local tea shop nearby.


All Natural 8oz Coconut Wax Candles handcrafted and made in Los Angeles, CA. 

Candle Gift Set

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